Govt College Jawala Ji (jawalamukhi) 2021-2022 Admission started for the Session 2021-2022


i) Stringent action will be taken againststudentfound guilty of breaching conduct or discipline rulesin the college campus, by the college administration.

ii) Defaultersincluding students whose name has been struck offroll(s) are not allowed to enterthe college premises until exonerated orreadmitted appropriately.


i) At least 75% lecture attendance is compulsory for appearing in the University exam.

ii) Irregularstudents or one who remains absent continuously for 7 daysfrom College/any elective subject, his his/her name will be struck-offfromthe college rolls.If name of a student isstruck-offtwice, he/she will not be re-admitted to the college.

iii) Astudent isliable to pay all dues and fines aslong as his/her name remains on the college rolls.

iv)The Principalreservesthe right of expulsion/suspension of any student ifthe situation warrantsso.


i) Application for any kind ofleave on the prescribed proforma should be submitted well in time.

ii) Leave up to three days will be sanctioned by the concerned subject teacher.

ii) The Head of Department is competent to sanctioned by Dr. Anil Kumar.

v) In case of medical leave for a period of six days or more the applicant must produce a medical certificate.


Students participating on inter-college competitions should not that the practice/rehearsal timing should be either before the classes (early morning) or after the classes (evening) because all such activities do notsubstitute academics/studies.

Library Rule :

Every student will be issued an Identity Card. Since "I-Card" is the only medium to identify/differentiate a bonafide college student from an outsider, every student must always carry it with him/her and must produce it whenever required (during all working days, examination(s) and college function(s) etc.). Otherwise he / she will be considered as outsider and will be punished accordingly.

If the I-Card oslost, a duplicate and will be issued only after an FIR isregistered with the nearest police station and as original copy thereofis appended with such a request.

Rs. 20/-are to be deposited for a duplicate Identity Card.

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